How It Works G1


Hold Button

  • Press the HOLD button, display flashes current measurement.
  • To clear memory press HOLD button again.


Blade Lock

Blade Lock

  • Press the BLADE LOCK button, display “locks in“ current measurement.
  • Release BLADE LOCK button, display is cleared and ready to take next measurement.




  • Press M1 (in red) or M2 (in red) for 1 second, you will see M1 or M2 on the display showing that the measurement is now in memory. To recall press the M1 or M2 button.
  • Measurement will stay in M1 or M2 until another measurement is stored into M1 or M2.


Measurement Units

  • Measurements can be displayed in inches and centimeters.
  • Press button to select: Inches, Feet and Inches, Fractions, Decimals, and convert to centimeters.


Front/Back Measurement

  • Allows you to measure from the front or the back of the eTape16.
  • Press the arrow button to the left to measure from the front (inside).
  • Press the arrow button to the right to measure from the back (outside). eTape16 adds the 3” of the tape measure to the outside measurement.




  • Press button, allows you to find the center (1/2 way point) of your measurement.
  • To remove/clear the center point measurement, push the button again. Symbol will disappear from display.
  • If you do not press the button again, the eTape16 will continue to take midpoint measurements.




  • Take your first measurement, lock down the blade.
  • To engage Rezero function push and hold the button until you see (rezero symbol) on the display and your current measurement displayed goes to 0.0.
  • Unlock your tape blade and take your next measurement. The measurement displayed will be the current (second) measurement less the first measurement.
  • To reset or clear rezero push and hold the rezero button until you see the total measurement on your tape blade, and the rezero symbol is no longer displayed on the display screen.

Battery Replacement

  • Slide battery lock on the bottom of the device
  • Slide out the battery tray
  • Replace battery with a CR 2032 battery
  • Slide in battery tray and push flush with device
  • eTape16 turns on by pulling the blade.
  • eTape16 shuts off automatically after 5 minutes when not in use.


Download User Guide/Instruction Manual