Welcome to eTape16.com

Welcome to eTape16.com!

The Best Digital Tape Measure in the World

The tape measure has remained virtually unchanged...until now!

⊛ Large Digital Backlit Display
⊛ Centerline
⊛ 2 Long Term Memories
⊛ Re-zero
⊛ Short Term memory on “active” measurement
⊛ Inside/outside measurement
⊛ US/Metric conversion

⊛ 16’, 1 inch blade
⊛ Durable, polycarbonate plastics
⊛ Auto shutoff, standard CR2450 (battery)
⊛ 64 hours of continuous usage

You're into gadgets. You love working in your shop. You constantly improve your home. You're precise in your work. It's time to buy the last tape measure you'll ever use. The large display makes it easy to read. Switching between imperial and metric helps reduce measurement errors and creates an easy way to convert between the two. Most importantly, eTape is the perfect teaching tool for the next generation.

Just like a calculator, smartphone, and computer make your life easier so does an eTape.

eTape16 Digital Tape Measure G1

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eTape16 Digital Tape Measure G2

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