Reading a Tape Measure Just Got Easier

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The eTape 16 not only provides a digital readout of measurements — it also lets users store those measurements. Measuring dimensions can be a tedious process.

Not only does the user have to remember each measurement (hopefully long enough to write it down), but he or she may have difficulty even reading the tape measure.

The eTape 16 has a solution to that problem. This tape measure upgrades a century-old technology with not only a large digital display on top, capable of reading both US and metric units, but also two long-term memory and one short-term memory functions for immediate digital recall.

The durable polycarbonate tool can also determine midpoints in measurements, and differentiate between inside and outside measurements. ‘Measure it, read it, record it’ is really the tagline of the new product. “‘Measure it, read it, record it’ is really the tagline of the new product,” explains Dawn Whitmer, vice president of marketing and sales. “It solves two things, basically: how to read a tape measure, and then how do I remember what I just measured.”

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For customers looking for a more high-tech measuring solution, there is the eTape 16 with Bluetooth. This product allows users to transmit measurements to computers, tablets and smartphones via a free downloadable app (available initially for iOS devices, with plans for an Android app in November).

The Bluetooth capability provides users with the opportunity to record more than two measurements for a longer period of time. The eTape 16 is scheduled to ship in November, but the company is currently meeting with retailers and taking preorders. Those interested can contact the company at 844-382-7326, ext. 1. The eTape 16 is expected to retail for $29.95-$34.95, and the eTape 16 with Bluetooth will retail for $49–$54.95.

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