How a Digital Tape Measure Can Save You Time on Your Next Project

Have you ever been on a ladder with a tape measure trying to measure the corner spot and forgot a pencil and paper to write your measurement?  Whether these situations occur simultaneously or individually, it can add time and money to a project.  For over 150 years, the tape measure has remained unchanged…until the recent introduction of the eTape16, the only digital tape measure on the market today.   It is revolutionizing the way we measure.


etape digital tape measure

Simple, Reliable and Accurate

eTape’s vision is to change and improve the way people and institutions worldwide measure, record, and then communicate and use that information/data.  With the eTape16, measuring is more simple, reliable and accurate.


  • Simple: All functions are designed around the side with a button wheel
  • Reliable: Made of poly carbonate plastic, it’s rugged and durable construction is made to last.  The battery allows for 64 hours of continuous usage.
  • Accurate: Accurate repeatable digital read out eliminates human error.


Five Ways eTape16 Saves Time

  1. Eliminates Time Needed to Decipher Small Markings: With the easy to read digital display, the measurement appears immediately.  There is no need to stop your work to read and interpret the markings on the tape blade.
  2. Reduces Need to Measure Multiple Times: If you forget a measurement, you do not need to take the time to measure again. You can hold your last measurement so that it is available to you until you are ready to take a new measurement.
  3. Eliminates Need for Pencil and Paper: With eTape16, there is no need for recording measurements with pencil and paper. Immediately, your measurement is displayed and can be stored in memory for later.
  4. Simplifies Conversions and Calculations: The eTape16 allows you to switch to decimal mode or metric mode which makes it easier and less time-consuming to do calculations from fractions.
  5. Measurements are Not Affected by Poor Lighting or Overhead Areas: If you are taking a measurement in a dark space or overhead, many times you are unable to see the blade.  With the eTape16, you can take the measurement and hit the hold button and see your measurement at the time you were unable to easily read the tape measure blade.


Measuring Made Easy the Digital Way

No more second guessing, measure accurately the first time with eTape16.  It not only saves you time, but also money by reducing errors and rework.  For more information regarding eTape16 or to make your money-saving purchase, visit our eStore or call 844-382-7326.


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