Five Ways to Reduce Errors on Your DIY Project

For over 150 years, the tape measure has remained unchanged…until the recent introduction of the eTape16, the only digital tape measure on the market today.   It is not only revolutionizing the way we measure, it is reducing errors and saving time.  With the eTape16, measuring is more simple, reliable and accurate.

Digital Tape Measure – Simple, Reliable and Accurate

No matter your profession or current project, the tape measure is a necessity.  Everyone measures!  eTape16 is a new measuring tape, designed to make your measuring tasks a lot easier. With its large digital display and button wheel functions, it provides easy readability and usability.  The rugged eTape 16 is built with a polycarbonate case to ensure its durability.  Measuring digitally, your measurements are taken and read accurately the first time every time.


Five Ways eTape16 Can Reduce Errors on Your DIY Project

Using the eTape16 for your DIY project, not only saves you time, but it can reduce the following common measuring errors:

  1. Inaccurate Measurements: The digital reading eliminates human errors due to incorrectly reading the tape measure.  There is no need to interpret the markings on the tape blade.  With the digital tape measure, the measurement is displayed and easily read immediately.
  2. Measuring Multiple Times: If you forget a measurement, you do not need to take the time to measure again. Digital memory eliminates this problem.  You can hold your measurement temporarily on the display or with the touch of a button save it to memory and recall later.
  3. Errors Resulting from Conversions and Calculations: The eTape16 allows you to switch to decimal mode or metric mode which makes it easier and less time-consuming to do calculations from fractions.
  4. Inability to Measure Accurately in Hard to Reach Places: The inside/outside measurement allows you to measure precisely to the back of the tape measure so you don’t have to bend the blade to get an inside measurement, such as inside a window frame.
  5. Inaccurate Readings due to Poor Lighting or Overhead Areas: If you are taking a measurement in a dark space or overhead, many times you are unable to see the blade.  With the eTape16, you can take the measurement and hit the hold button and see the measurement taken at the time you were unable to read the tape measure blade.


Measuring Made Easy the Digital Way

No more second guessing, measure accurately the first time with eTape16, the only digital tape measure on the market.  It not only saves you time, but also money by reducing errors and rework.  For more information regarding eTape16 or to make your money-saving purchase, visit our eStore or call 844-382-7326.

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