eTape16 is the Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Your Gadget Lover

For over 150 years, the tape measure has remained unchanged…until the recent introduction of the eTape16, the only digital tape measure on the market today.   It is revolutionizing the way we measure.  Developed and produced by eMeasure, Inc, the eTape16 is the perfect gift for gadget lovers this holiday season.

eTape16, an enhancement from the traditional tape measure, is designed to make measuring more simple, reliable and accurate— while reducing errors and saving time.  Made of polycarbonate plastic, the rugged and durable construction of the eTape16 is made to last.  The large digital display provides easy reading while the advance features are readily accessible.  Advance features include three memories, US or metric units, centerline calculation, re-zero and an Inside/Outside measurement.  The Inside/Outside button eliminates the need to bend the blade when measuring a tight area, such as inside a window frame.  The digital display adds the width of the eTape16 case to the measurement providing a more accurate measurement.

Weighing less than 10 ounces, gadget lovers will love eTape16’s sleek “modern tool” design.  Additionally, the included lithium battery provides 64 eTape Digital Tape Measurehours of continuous usage, making downtime of the gadget not a problem.  The eTape16’s automatic shut-off, after five minutes, will ensure years of use without having to change the battery.

Mike Schuh, CEO of eMeasure, Inc., adds “The eTape16 is the perfect stocking stuffer for every member of the family from young to old.  Whether you are new to measuring or a seasoned pro, the eTape16 and its digital display will make measuring easier than ever before and its added functionality will save you time and reduce potential errors.”

eTape’s vision is to change and improve the way people and institutions worldwide measure, record, and then communicate and use that information/data.  With the eTape16, measuring is more simple, reliable and accurate.

For your gadget lover, the eTape16 is available immediately for purchase by calling 844.382.7326 or visiting the official site of eTape16 at  Each unit sells for $29.95, plus shipping and handling.

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