Digital Tape Measure, the eTape16, Makes Great Gift for Father’s Day

(Winthrop, WA) –  Developed and produced by eMeasure, Inc, the eTape16 is revolutionizing the way people measure, no matter their current profession or project.  The only digital tape measure on the market today, the eTape16 is designed to make your measuring tasks simple, reliable and accurate.  It is an enhancement from the traditional tape measure, which is helping to reduce errors and save time.

“Today, everything is digital and finally the tape measure has entered the digital age,” said Mike Schuh, CEO of eMeasure, Inc. “Your father, husband, grandfather, uncle or brother would be ecstatic to receive a Father’s Day gift, like the etape16.  This great Do-It-Yourself tool not only saves time, but reduces errors and provides added capabilities compared to the traditional tape measure.”

Measuring digitally with the eTape16, the following product benefits are realized:etape Digital Measuring Tape

  • Time Savings: With the easy to read digital display, the measurement appears immediately.  There is no need to stop your work to read and interpret the markings on the tape blade.  With eTape’s digital memory, there is also no need to measure twice, if the measurement is forgotten.  You can hold your measurement temporarily on the display or with the touch of a button save it to memory and recall later.


  • Reduction of Errors: With the eTape16, you are able to switch to decimal mode or metric mode immediately.   This feature makes it easier and less time-consuming to do calculations from fractions and helps to reduce errors from miscalculations.  No paper, pencil or calculator is needed.


  • Ability to Easily Measure Hard to Reach Places or Areas with Poor Lighting: The inside/outside measurement feature allows you to measure precisely to the back of the tape measure so you don’t have to bend the blade to get an inside measurement, such as inside a window frame.  In addition, if you are taking a measurement in a dark space or overhead, you can take the measurement and hit the hold button and see your measurement at the time you were unable to easily read the tape measure blade.


The eTape16 is available immediately for purchase by calling 1-844-382-7326 or visiting the official site of eTape at  Each unit sells for $29.95, plus shipping and handling.  A Bluetooth version of the eTape16 is also available for $49.95, plus shipping and handling.

About eMeasure, Inc.

eMeasure, Inc., based in Winthrop, WA, approximately 200 miles northeast of Seattle, was founded by Stephen Crane.  With his vision of changing the way people and institutions worldwide measure, record and communicate collected data, Crane, an MIT graduate and former Naval architect, invented the eTape16.  To learn more about the eTape16, visit eMeasure’s site at or call Customer Service at 844.382.7326.