3 Hobbies That Can Use eTape16

Tedious and quick measurements can lead to frustration for many, especially when you are trying to enjoy your favorite hobby or pastime.  Have you ever tried to measure your flapping “big catch” before releasing it into the water? How about trying to ensure your quilting squares are all the same size, but forgetting the previous measurement?  When making your woodworking masterpiece, have you ever been close to completion to find out that your pieces do not match up due to inaccurate measurements?  If you have been in any of these situations, the etape16 will help alleviate your frustration while enjoying some of your favorite hobbies. 


eTape16 – Only Digital Tape Measure on the Market

Recently introduced as the only digital measuring tape on the market, the eTape16 is finding its way into the hands of fisherman, quilters, and woodworking artisans.  It is an enhancement from the traditional tape measure, which is helping to reduce errors and save time.  With the eTape16, measuring is more simple, reliable and accurate.  eTape16 is revolutionizing the way hobbyists enjoy the following:



When catching and releasing, fishermen know the difficulties of measuring a fish with a traditional tape measure.  Trying to see the markings on the tape measure while holding the slithering, out of control wildlife can seem impossible.  With the eTape16, fishermen are able to:


  • Digitally record their measurement
  • Accurately read the measurement without having to interpret the markings on the tape blade
  • Read the measurement after the fish has been released, not while trying to struggle with the fish
  • Recall their previous measurement with the touch of a button



All quilters know that the tape measure is a necessity, no matter how big or small the project is. Even the most seasoned quilter will tell you that quilting is a time-consuming process that requires meticulous measurements, sharp calculations and a good eye.  By ensuring your measurements are accurate prior to starting, you will save time and money, not to mention the possibility of your fabric being sold out when you discover your measurements were incorrect.  With the eTape16, your digital measurements are taken and read accurately the first time every time.


Additionally, eTape16 allows you to switch to decimal mode or metric mode immediately.   With the most frequently used measurements in quilting being 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2, this feature makes it easier and less time-consuming to do calculations from fractions and helps to reduce errors from miscalculations.  Plus, there is no paper, pencil or calculator needed.


Woodworkingetape digital woodworking Tape Measure

Accuracy in woodworking is a key component in creating a functional piece.  Whether you are making furniture or a miniature dollhouse, the pieces of wood must align properly.  With the eTape16, the following measuring errors can be eliminated:

  • Inaccurate Measurements – There is no need to interpret the markings on the tape blade. With the digital tape measure, the measurement is displayed and easily read immediately.
  • Measuring Multiple Times – Digital memory eliminates this problem. You can hold your measurement temporarily on the display or with the touch of a button save it to memory and recall later.
  • Errors from Conversions and Calculations – The eTape16 allows you to switch to decimal mode or metric mode which makes it easier and less time-consuming to do calculations from fractions.
  • Inability to Measure Accurately in Hard to Reach Places – The inside/outside measurement allows you to measure precisely to the back of the tape measure so you don’t have to bend the blade to get an inside measurement.
  • Inaccurate Readings due to Poor Lighting – By touching the hold button, you can see the measurement taken at the time you were unable to read the tape measure blade.


Measuring Made Easy the Digital Way

Measuring digitally, your measurements are taken and read accurately the first time every time. With its large digital display and button wheel functions, the eTape16, not only provides easy readability and usability, but saves you time, money and frustration by reducing errors and rework while enjoying your favorite hobbies.  The eTape16 is the only digital tape measure on the market today.  For more information regarding eTape16 or to make your money-saving purchase, visit us online or call 844-382-7326.

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